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Important Tips for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry Paper 2019

The Central Board of Secondary Education is conducting the Class 12 exams. As the Class 12 exams have already begun and many subjects are successfully completed. One of the major subject in the upcoming days in Class 12 Chemistry exam. It is a very important subject for all science students who enter into Engineering, Medical stream, or any other science related field. So for all students who are worried about how to clear Class 12 Chemistry, here is the solution for all your queries. In this blog, we have provided the tips by experts to score 100% marks in CBSE Class 12 Chemistry. Go through the blog completely to know more in detail.

As there are few days left for the Chemistry exam, we have listed out important tips subject-wise to enhance your Class 12 chemistry exam score. Go through the tips provided below to score more in chemistry exam.

Subject-wise Important Tips for CBSE Class 12 Chemistry

Physical Chemistry: Students who have thoroughly focussed on Class 12 NCERT Chemistry Books in the last one year, need to revise important topics and solve more questions. Make a note of important formulae and revise it daily in the last few days left for the exam.

Organic Chemistry: Students who have done a systematic revision, this section is a very easy and scoring topic. Common questions asked in this section are – Reason based, Conversions or Word Problem, Name Reactions, Distinction Test and Mechanism of reaction etc. On a daily basis, solve as many questions as you can to be exam ready. Pay attention to chapters like Polymers, Bio-molecular, and Chemistry in everyday life.

Inorganic Chemistry: Most of the question from this section are based on – Reasoning, Structure, and Complete the reaction format.

p-block elements: Write down all the important reactions and revise them every day. Solving the reactions will help you develop the flow of writing and speed up your timings.

d and f block elements: Revise and practice structure and properties of compounds such as KMnO4 and K2Cr2O7. Solve as many questions as possible every day.

Coordination Compound: This is an important topic as the questions are asked in different formats. Give sufficient time to revise this chapter.

Metallurgy: This chapter is also important and hence you should practice a variety of questions from this chapter to be ready to answer all questions asked in the Chemistry exam paper on March 12.

Previous Year Question Paper: It is very important to solve Class 12 Chemistry Previous year papers as it will give you an idea of various types of questions.

Mock Test Series: During the last few days left for the exam, it is essential to take up the Class 12 Chemistry Mock Test Series. Taking up tests will make you analyze your preparation levels.

Thus, following these tips will definitely help you in scoring 100% marks in the upcoming Class 12 Chemistry Exam. Prepare well and score more.



May 1, 2019

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